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Radar Speed Signs

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Radar Speed Signs

With our wide range of radar activated signs, we hope to offer you a complete speed management solution. From simple speed indication to sophisticated data collection, our speedchecker products have improved trafc control, time and again.

Our speed signs use doppler radar, an accurate speed measuring device.

They can also have the ability to log speed and trafc data.

The ideal solution for trafc speed control in car parks, on private roads, caravan parks, quarries, industrial sites, holiday parks, factories and many more.

Making your site, speed aware and safer.


Radar Speed Signs, Speed Signs

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The Speedchecker range includes models offering standard speed indication devices, sophisticated data collection, traffic counter, data collection for total management control. This radar speed sign uses doppler radar and is ideal for use in car parks, private roads, caravan parks, quarries, industrial sites, sewage works, farm yards, increasing road safety wherever it’s installed. It can also be used to collect traffic census data and speed logging.

The Speedchecker range has been developed with engineering input from both the UK and USA, ensuring top level local support and product development. Radar speed signs and road traffic monitoring by Speedchecker. Speedchecker is ideal for controlling traffic speeds on Industrial sites, schools, colleges, car parks, private roads, caravan parks, wherever road safety is paramount. Parish and other councils can use this equipment to enhance road safety, reducing traffic speed and conducting traffic census. The radar speed sign, Speedchecker, has a proven ability to positively influence driver behaviour, reduce speeding by drawing attention to local limits.

The radar speed sign can be fixed or mobile. Speedchecker can be powered by mains, battery or solar to suit your particular needs. Speedchecker is a versatile product, with its many options, it can solve almost any speed check problem.

New Developments

New Developments

We are in the middle of developing a new range of speed signs that include a CCTV system for recording speed violators. As well as a new sign for industrial sites that flashes a customizable speed limit when activated (5, 8, 10 and 15 mph).

ISO 9001 Compliant

ISO 9001 Compliant

We are due to be ISO 9001 compliant within the next few weeks. This means we meet european trading standards for our product line.


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