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Power Configuration

Our signs can be configured with multiple power options. Being Mains operation (plugs into a mains feed in lampost), Battery recharging (Large long life battery will last on average 3 weeks then sign will have to be taken in and recharged) and a solar charge system (charges battery through a solar panel, recommended for a fixed speedsign) prices/deals Ring for a quote and we will cater to your needs.

How Heavy are they?

Our standard speed sign weighs about 10 kilograms this is due to its rugged steel construction, however our larger speed sign range weighs in at around 15 kilograms. It also depends what power option you have chosen as a large battery will make the speed sign considerably heavier.

Mounting and Fixing the Signs

When you order we will ask for your preferences for mounting the speed sign. Usually if there is an already existing pole we will provide you with universal screw bands which can handle posts up to 140mm in diameter. If there are no existing posts we can provide one for tting or we can provide a large stand to mount the speedsign on.

Support Packages

We provide exellant customer service. Just give us a call and we will try to deal with any problems that you have. installation and how that works If it requires installation we can come to site to fit and program them for you (charges apply) Delivery usually 10 days from order, unless specified urgent. May depend on stock.


We ship to anywhere in the UK via a courier.

Using the Signs

The signs operate with a simple on/off key switch, usually we will program your sign before we despatch it. However we will provide you with an extensive manual to help you install and program your sign if you wish to move it or change its parameters. features – Shows live speed on a dual figure of 8 display (up to 99mph or 99kph) – Trimmable to only display from and to a certain speed (eg, 20mph – 50pmh) – Can be configured to record statistics. speed analyses over days, weeks and months. – Manuals provided – Software provided on disk.


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